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Norsaac believes that the maintenance of peace and stable communities starts with everyone. We see this happening through; Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) Resilience Conflict Mitigation

The Strategic and Impactful Implementation of Electoral and Institutional Reforms in Ghana (SIIE-IR)  project is a 3 years project being implemented by Norsaac and IDEG Ghana with funding support from the European Union (EU). The SIIE-IR project was developed in response to the recommendations of the EU Election Observer Mission (EOMs) following their monitoring of Ghana’s 2020 general elections. After the elections, the Observer Mission put forth 18 recommendations with the aim of promoting good democratic governance in Ghana.

Norsaac and IDEG Ghana are serving as implementing partners for the project and have been entrusted with the task of implementing five (5) out of the 18 recommendations. In essence, the project seeks to facilitate the implementation of the EUEOM-Ghana 2020 recommendations, with the overarching goal of contributing to credible and peaceful electoral outcomes in 2024.

Donor: European Union (EU).

Project Duration: 3 Years

USAID Trust2Peace Activity

The Trust2Peace activity employs a People-to-People (P2P) approach to cultivate social trust and cohesion, fostering inter-group conflict resolution and mitigating the risk of violent extremism in Northern Ghana.

This approach strengthens connections between communal identity groups through the engagement of local community members and stakeholders in interventions centered around Community Values Workshops (CVWs), Simulation-Based Dialogues (SBDs), and Civic Education, Engagement, and Athletics Activities (CEEAs). By bringing together participants from diverse group lines, these activities aim to enhance community resilience and bolster local capacities to counter the threat posed by extremist groups.

Implemented by Norsaac in consortium with WANEP Ghana, the activity spans 21 districts across the Northern, Upper East, Upper West, North East, and Savannah regions. Leveraging its expertise, Norsaac will focus on empowering girls, youth, and women groups. It will facilitate activities to build resilient networks, impart essential financial skills, and cultivate leadership roles, particularly as gender-peace champions in conflict prevention and post-conflict resolution.

The target groups for this initiative encompass religious leaders, traditional authorities, political party supporters, women and girls, youth and youth groups, as well as minority ethnic/marginalized groups.

International Partners: University of Maryland and Washington State University

Donor: USAID

Project Duration: 5 Years