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Our Journey and Focus Since 2002

Norsaac is an organization that is dedicated to championing an improved quality of life for empowered women, youth, and marginalized groups in order to improve social change and the living conditions of citizens. In doing so, it works in collaboration with government and non-government stakeholders to influence policy change in favor of those negatively affected.

Norsaac actively engages in the following five interest areas:

  • Better Educational Outcomes
  • Improving Economic Opportunities
  • Improving Health Care Delivery
  • Peace and Stable Communities
  • Social Protection

Since it was established in 2002, Norsaac has become one of Ghana’s leading organizations working in these areas. Norsaac works closely with communities, community structures, and target groups to empower individuals to strengthen their agency to claim and exercise their rights through increasing their knowledge base and widening the depth of information made accessible.

In doing so, community-level change comes in the form of

1) Provision of Quality Services

2) Altering Community Norms, Beliefs, and Practices for gender transformative societies

3) Influencing gatekeepers of the decision-making process in homes, communities, and formal structures for gender responsive systems

Our Mission, Vision and Core Values

Our Mission

To work with networks of women, youth, children, excluded groups, and like-minded organisations to strengthen their agency to claim and exercise their rights.

Our Vision

A healthy and empowered society where everyone enjoys their rights and live a life of dignity.

Core Values