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Norsaac supports the principle that every Ghanaian matters and can contribute to national development. Thus, the organization seeks to promote and enhance the well-being of Ghanaians through an integrated platform of effective productive inclusion.

The Power to You(th) Programme connects Ghana to 6 other implementing countries with a strong focus on southern leadership and a principle of co-creation. In co-creating the programme at the country level, varied strategies were used to scope the context, map out key stakeholders to support the program. Based on the context of the implementing areas, the Ghana Power to You(th) program focuses on the following key areas.

  •  Teenage pregnancy
  • Child marriage
  • Sexual and Gender-Based Violence
  • Kayayei (girls head porters)
  • Adolescent economic empowerment – linkages to government and CSOs (including implementing partners) on-going economic empowerment programs for adolescents
  • Gender job stereotyping
  • Unpaid care work – as part of the inter-generational dialogue strategy
  • Gender transformative families, communities and governance systems

The programme has four partners with Norsaac leading as partner A.

Project Duration: 5 years 

Donor: Rutgers

Promoting Adolescents Safe Spaces (PASS) project is an adolescent-led project that focus on ensuring that adolescent girls (10-19) at risk or affected by child marriage in programme areas are empowered with the relevant knowledge, skills and networks to build confidence, make informed decisions, express their voices, and access services and community support to prevent and respond to child marriage.

Project Duration: 5 years 



Live Tomorrow Today (LiToTo) project seeks to put the future of young women and girls in their own hands by supporting girls and women groups to be consciously and actively involved in decisions that affect their lives. The project recognizes the existence of vibrant women/girls’ groups and therefore seeks to support these groups to become bold change makers.

Project Duration: 1 year

Donor: EMpower

Strategic Partnership Initiatives for Ghana and West Africa is an Oxfam in Ghana-funded project aspires to build partnerships that are inclusive, accountable, empowering, and based on relationships of openness and trust. The project is implemented by Norsaac, and the overall aim is to contribute to women, young people, and communities to live in a more equal, just, accountable, peaceful, and sustainable country that leaves no one behind and provides a resilient, sustainable future through just societies, gender, and climate justice. Norsaac contributes to two (2) outcome areas of the project.

Outcome 1: CSOs have contributed to policy reforms and implementation and strengthened state and non-state mechanisms that are effectively addressing GBV/SRGBV and resulting in safe schools and communities for adolescent girls, boys and young women in Ghana and West Africa.

Outcome 2: Interventions of CSOs contributing to an inclusive, accountable, and peaceful democratic societies in Ghana and West Africa.

Project Duration: 4 years

Donor: Oxfam in Ghana

The Heard Everywhere and Represented Daily (HEARD) program aims to address systemic challenges resulting from the neglect of rural voices, particularly those of youth and women, in Ghana’s governance processes, even though young people and women constitute a significant portion of the country’s total population. This initiative seeks to transform the conversation and advocacy around their inclusion, extending beyond elected or appointed roles to encompass women and youth as technocrats in key leadership positions within Ghana’s governance structures.

The project is being implemented in the Northern, Upper East, and Upper West regions by the following consortium partners: CSIF, SAVE Ghana, NoYED, Inspire to Act (ITA), Songtaba, and RISE Ghana.

Project Duration: 3 years

Donor: Hewlette Foundation