CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Youth Initiatives Small Grants (YISG)

Are you a youth or women led group, community-based organization or movement?

Are you located  and operating within the Power to You(th) programme areas: Kasena Nankana West, Bulsa South, Yunyoo, Mion,, Sawla Tuna Kalba, Tamale Metro, Central Gonja, Cheriponi, Kpandai and Nanumba south?

Does your interventions touch on Adolescent Girls and Young Women’s Rights especially in relation to Harmful practices, SGBVs and Unintended pregnancies.

Do you want to be supported for 6months to continue to do this and more to improve the lives of AGYW and other vulnerable adults.

The Power to Youth (PtY) Ghana Programme led by Norsaac and partnering with three others (YAG, GH Alliance and Songtaba) presents you the opportunity to access funding and capacity building to augment your activities in these given areas through the Youth Initiatives Small Grants (YISG).

What to do

  • Follow the link below to submit your application – narrative and budget, latest by 25th May, 2022
  • Follow our social media handles (norsaac on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) for information sharing session planned for 17th May, 2022

Background of the Pty Programme

The PtY Programme connects Ghana to six (6) other implementing countries and seeks to reflect realities of youth and Adolescent Girls and Young Women (AGYW). It is the vision of the Power to You(th) Consortium that AGYW from underserved communities make informed choices, enjoy their sexuality, and are free from harmful practices in gender-equitable and violence-free societies. This is coined from the belief that change starts in the community and if young people under 35 years, especially AGYW, are meaningfully included in discussions and decisions, they will be able to claim their rights, address and challenge harmful gender norms and advocate for inclusive decisions making. Thus, collectively, young people can work for their desired change.

In Ghana, the programme is implemented in five regions – Northern, Savannah, North-East, Upper East and the Greater Accra Regions with the latter serving policy influencing purposes. The activities of the programme are overseen by a Country Management Team (CMT) made up of 4 partners: Norsaac – the lead partner, Youth Advocates Ghana (YAG), Ghana SRHR Alliance for Young People (GH Alliance) and Songtaba. The PtY programme focus on 3 Key Issues including SGBV, Harmful practices and Unintended pregnancies using an integration of strategies particularly: evidence generation, enhancing capacities, gender transformative approaches, strengthening agencies and deepening convening/learning. 


Background to YISG

As part of strategies of the PtY program, the Youth Initiatives Small (YISG) shall provide financial and technical assistance to women-led groups/organizations, youth groups and networks on emerging issues or on-going activities affecting AGWY in the implementation areas.  

YISG shall empower joint actions of youth groups and women-led organisations on progressive social norms, local policies and systems for the well-being of AGYW. This is a critical area of interest to the Ghana program to widen the net of youth influence on youth issues by working with both organized and non-organised youth groups/networks on specific issues for near complete results or change within a defined period.

YISG will therefore be a platform to catalyze ongoing actions or emerging joint actions that will reduced harmful practices, unintended pregnancies and SGBVs in the PtY implementing areas.

The YISG grant shall have two streams namely;

  • The small grant stream
  • The flexible stream.

The YISG small grants stream shall have the below characteristics;

  • Youth-led innovations
  • Youth ideas around trending issues affecting AGYW
  • Youth innovations on transforming challenges of AGYW in the spheres of; Harmful Practices (HP), Unintended Pregnancies, and Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV)
  • Time bound innovations in the PtY key issues
  • Innovations that demonstrate ability to impact on a larger scale at community, district, regional and national level
  • Innovative ideas that demonstrate results within a maximum of 6months period
  • The moment but impactful action

Budget Ceiling GHC 20,000


The YISG Flexible stream will have the following characteristics;

  • Women or girls led formal organizations with one off innovative action
  • Action focus on girls and women run by their agency
  • Rapid results initiatives are encouraged.
  • Initiatives are expected to feed the broad PtY advocacy strategy
  • A duration not more than 6months
  • They must have formal structures unlike the YISG small stream.


Budget Ceiling GHC 45,000

Click the link below for the Application/Proposal Template


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